Monday, July 11, 2011

Fake Steve Jobs Introducing Taiwan Tea

In the annals of Apple well-liked culture, this is often a primary. A Taiwan-based tea company has simply released a tea business that includes a dead ringer for Steve Jobs, peddling not simply the iPad a pair of, however Taiwanese tea.

The business begins with the fake Steve Jobs strolling across a black stage, clad within the iconic black turtleneck shirt and blue jeans, with an enormous iPad a pair of displayed within the background. And this is often no low-cost parody, the set-up appearance "exactly" sort of a real Jobs keynote, and also the actor may be a professional, expertly mimicking Jobs' trademark earnest nevertheless thoughtful stage walk and speaking vogue. The actor then goes on to inform the audience how they'll win an iPad a pair of by collaborating within the tea company's promotion, that runs till September. The mystery here is why it took a Taiwanese company to try to to such a spot-on parody of the Cupertino guru. the opposite huge question is: can Apple try and stop this ad? Apple is notoriously protecting of the image of Jobs, and sure additional thus on condition that this promotion options the iPad a pair of. In any case, if you are one in all of} the legions of Apple trustworthy who follow Jobs' every move, then this video (see below) are quite a treat, enjoy!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Introducing iCloud Mobile Service

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Introducing iCloud Mobile Service

Apple Planning to Launch Next-Generation 25 Million next-generation iPhone 5 Handsets in 2011

As the launch of its next-generation iPhone handset nears, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is gearing up to ship a record quantity of iPhones to shut out the 2011 year with a bang. Apple has been inserting huge orders for the required parts to create future iPhone, and with the hype and media frenzy continuing to develop at full steam the merchandise is anticipated to sell fine.

WSJ cited sources inside Apple’s offer chain that the corporate is being terribly aggressive with its build ways for the new iPhone, and has directed its makers to expect orders totaling twenty five million units over the approaching months. The report claims that unless Foxconn will improve its yields, Apple are unable to fulfill such a lofty goal. Insiders have claimed that the iPhone five is each “complicated” and “difficult to assemble”.

The report additionally rumored that future iPhone can embrace new models of a wireless baseband chip developed by Qualcomm, which is able to be replacing the iPhone 4’s chips that were provided by Infineon. It’s been widely suspected that Apple are moving to a “world phone” chipset with future iPhone, enabling use on each GSM and CDMA networks across the world and simplifying the quantity of models that Apple has to develop. The WSJ report didn’t give any indication if this Qualcomm chip would be “world phone” capable.

The report additionally stated that the iPhone five are each lighter and thinner than the iPhone four, however didn’t decide to any speculation relating to a modification in style. simply some of weeks ago ThisIsMyNext claimed that the iPhone five would be a radical style departure from the iPhone four, and different recent rumors have claimed that the love for the iPhone 4’s style is all however gone from the company’s government team.

If the report is correct, then Apple’s massive element orders would place the iPhone five on the right track to hit its rumored third-quarter unleash date. Apparently, suppliers are quoted as aiming to ship their final hardware to Foxconn no later than early August so final assembly of the handsets will begin. Apple shipped quite eighteen million iPhones in its last quarter, therefore a twenty five million unit prediction would indicate that Cupertino expects the iPhone five to be a blockbuster.

Apple had no treat the report, and has kept tight-lipped relating to future iPhone handset. because the days tick off to September, expect the rumor mill to stay turning.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apple iPhone 5 Seeks 128 GB Cap in iCloud

After years of lagging behind its iBrethren, the iPhone 5 is currently faces the challenge of leapfrogging the new iPad two and therefore the aging iPod bit four within the storage department as recent clearance pricing within the iPhone 4 arena recommend that if any iPhone 4 model survives into the year of the iPhone 5, it’ll be the thirty-two gigabyte unit and not the low-end sixteen gigabyte model. This eye gap development arises as Apple is within the early days of lighting up its iCloud model that permits each iTunes purchase on your pc to be automatically pushed to your iPhone or different iDevice, which is able to ultimately stock up your iPhone 5 a lot of quickly than if you selectively opt for that songs and playlists to sync every time you plug it into your pc. The recent moves within which have raised eyebrows have seen Verizon talking internally concerning cutting its low-end iPhone 4 by fifty bucks, and a minimum of one AT&T retailer already knocking identical off its own low-end model. this means that the lowest feeding sixteen GB iP4 model are going to be folded up heading into the iPhone five era, which the carriers wish all the inventory for that unit gone before the iPhone 5 launch. however identical moves aren’t being created for the thirty two GB iPhone four model, not however anyway, that suggests it's going to be the lone current iPhone model to survive the iPhone 5 rebirth – and if the iPhone 4 hangs around at thirty-two gigs because the discount model, it meaning that that the iPhone 5 models might well grow to sixty-four and one-twenty-eight for differentiation functions.

And that’s an enormous deal. it might beg the problem of whether or not the iPod bit five, that might be introduced alongside the iPhone 5 at Apple’s next press event, would conjointly adopt such lofty storage capacity; historically, the iPod bit has been offered with a capability twice as massive because the iPhone. If so, it might ostensibly mean the top of the recent exhausting drive based mostly iPod classic, that Apple has solely around solely for those that worth cupboard space for huge music collections (or music collections in huge file sizes) over the power to participate within the App Store or have a touchscreen interface. it might conjointly leave Apple facing the prospect of its still-shiny iPad two solely giving solely [*fr1] the cupboard space because the iPhone 5 – one thing which might then eventually be remedied with the iPad 3. That in flip would raise the question of whether or not Apple extremely intends to attend till the Easter of next year to spring the iPad 3, leaving the iPhone 5 with twice the capability for that entire stretch, or whether or not a 1 twenty eight gig iPad 3 might see its debut alongside the iPhone 5 and iPod bit five this fall.

Yep, that’s an extended thanks to theorize based mostly simply on value cut for the low-end iPhone 4 model created by each carriers. however those value reductions signal one thing obviously, and whereas it might merely mean Verizon and AT&T wish to eradicate the low-end iPhone 4 even a lot of quickly than they need to dump the high-end iPhone 4, it might simply conjointly mean huge things are in store when it involves storage as Apple tries to float on the iCloud model going forward. Here’s a lot of on the iPhone 5.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Samsung Sold 3 million Galaxy S IIs in just 55 days

Samsung's sales milestone comes as competition will increase with Apple here and abroad. Galaxy S II sales success conjointly partly explains the continued patent claims and counter-claims spat occurring between the businesses. In its boldest move however, Apple on July one requested a preliminary injunction barring Samsung from selling Droid Charge, Galaxy S 4G, Infuse 4G and Galaxy Tab ten.1 here. ( has consolidated case history.)

Unfortunately, i have not had the privilege of using Galaxy S II, however reviewers who have rave concerning it. "The Galaxy S II's screen is nothing in need of spectacular", writes Vlad Savov for Engadget. Praise continues -- from the "onscreen keyboard is terrific" to "general responsiveness is totally exemplary". Savov concludes: "It's the simplest Android smartphone however, however a lot of importantly, it'd otherwise be the simplest smartphone, period".

Another: "The finest Android phone we have seen up to now, the Samsung Galaxy S II is not only a competitor to the present iPhone. It competes with subsequent iPhone", writes Sascha Segan for laptop, giving the smartphone an "Editor's Choice" rating. That last statement is that the clincher. Samsung already is one generation earlier than Apple.

The Samsung smartphone, announced in January, options a four.27-inch Super AMOLED show with 800 x 480 resolution; dual-core Samsung processor; 8-megapixel rear-facing and two-megapixel front-facing cameras; Android 2.3 (Gingerbread); 1080p video recording; Bluetooth three.0+HS; and HSPA+ network support, among alternative options.

Samsung's three-mobile operating strategy, with Android increasingly most vital, is succeeding in an iPhone one-OS world. throughout this autumn 2010, Samsung smartphone shipments grew 439 p.c, in keeping with IDC. However, despite sturdy continued growth throughout 1st quarter 2011, Apple led Samsung in smartphone market share based mostly on shipments -- eighteen.7 p.c (ranking No. 2) and 10.8 p.c (placing No. 4), respectively. That said, within the broader telephone class, as well as smartphones, Samsung leads and is closing on selling leader Nokia globally. During Q1, Samsung overtook Nokia on its home turf, Western Europe, in keeping with IDC; Apple leads in smartphone shipments.

Last week, I corrected a number of the recent misreporting concerning iPhone stalling Android sales. Samsung's sales success with Android-based smartphones like Galaxy S II is another proof purpose for that case.

I can't understand Samsung. the corporate posted photos indicating the three million sales to Flickr on June twenty eight and thirty. The official three billion announcement came yesterday, throughout one amongst the busiest US vacation weekends of the year. Granted, Samsung could be a South Korean company and its merchandise are sold across the world, however the u. s. remains one amongst the most important markets for smartphones. Surely, Samsung may have maximized the PR worth higher, significantly since such a big amount of blogger and journalists here belong to the Apple Fanclub. maybe since the phone remains returning to US carriers, somebody in Seoul did not see the necessity for larger promotion here. Bad idea.

From Samsung's Flickr account, concerning the fifty five days: "Within the amount, a unit of Galaxy S II was sold in each one.5 seconds. This record shortens the record of eighty five days of its predecessor Galaxy S, a ten-million world seller, by thirty days".

In a statement, at intervals the amount, JK Shin, president of Samsung's Mobile Communications Business says: "This milestone reflects the continued sturdy support from our carrier partners round the world who have chosen the GALAXY S II as their flagship Android device".

Oh yeah? How a few very little a lot of carrier commitment here within the United States?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Apple targets four Samsung Merchandise with Preliminary Injunction

The ongoing saga between Apple and Samsung ratcheted up on Friday when the iPhone maker asked the U.S District Court in San Jose, Calif. to issue a preliminary injunction, probably bringing a swift resolution to the legal dispute.

The filing, discovered by Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents, specifically accuses Samsung of violating 3 Apple style patents and one utility patent. Mueller described the motion as a risky "hole-in-one" try from Apple that would accelerate the case.

If granted, the injunction would need Samsung to get rid of the subsequent four product from the U.S. market inside consecutive few months:

  • Infuse 4G
  • Galaxy S 4G
  • Droid Charge
  • Galaxy Tab ten.1

"The message that Samsung conveys to consumers with its imitative smartphone style is simple: “It’s rather like an iPhone.” Samsung’s Galaxy ten.1 pill sends an analogous message: “It’s rather like an iPad.” With the good thing about those messages, Samsung is seeking to require market share by trading off of the recognition of Apple’s product," Apple wrote within the request.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company added that it absolutely was “limiting” the injunction to new Samsung product recently released within the U.S. and had unseen the as-yet-to-be-released ‘Galaxy S two Phone’ and also the ‘Galaxy Tab eight.9 tablet’. However, Apple said that it “reserves the proper to hunt preliminary injunction against those 2 product as their unharness becomes imminent.”

Apple maintained that it's alternative claims are "equally sturdy," however might probably raise further problems that might interference the motion. "It's laborious to imagine a a lot of compelling case for issuing a preliminary injunction," the filing browse.

Alongside the motion, Apple has filed a concurrent motion for an expedited trial on all of its claims. the corporate has asked for a court hearing for the preliminary injunction on August five and an expedited jury trial for the complete case in February 2012.

It seems that Samsung won’t backpedal from Apple’s latest filing. "We're getting to actively shield and defend our intellectual property and our ability to supply shoppers with innovative technology," company spokesman Kim Titus said.

The Korean electronics large fired back at Apple on with letter of invitation for an import ban of Apple's devices, together with the iPhone and iPad. the corporate additionally asserted in an exceedingly filing on Friday that it's competing with, not copying, Apple, accusing the iPhone maker of making an attempt to "avoid such competition."

Apple began its legal battle with Samsung in April when it sued the corporate, accusing the corporate of copying the iPhone and also the iPad. Samsung quickly retaliated by launching its own lawsuit each within the U.S. and abroad, arguing that Apple had violated many of its patents, together with “technology for tethering a portable to a laptop to enable the laptop to utilize the phone's wireless information association.”

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Apple CEO Steve Jobs May Have Only Six Weeks to Live

Apple CEO Steve Jobs

In mid-January, Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO, took the medical leave to rest on home. But, we haven’t a little bit idea that Mr Jobs is so much struggling with his health. Internet is a buzz with the rumour that Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have only six weeks to live. US-based tabloid National Enquirer claims to be publishing photos of Jobs taken on February 8 outside Stanford Cancer Center that show the Apple founder looking extremely thin and frail.

As to the confirmation from, Jobs, who is now 55 years old, is in Palo Alto, California to attend the Stanford Cancer Center.

Img Source:

Before Swayne had died on September 2009, he was also spotted to be in the said Stanford Cancer Center as well while he had been having his pancreatic cancer that time.

Jobs’ present features can be boldly decribed in the photos published by the US tabloids such as the National Enquirer.

The Enquirer reported that Jobs is suffering from pancreatic cancer and may have only six weeks to live.

According to Dr Jerome Spunberg, a physician with 40 years experience;

He is terminal. What you are seeing is extreme muscle wasting from calorie depravation, most likely caused by cancer. He has no muscle left in his buttocks, which is the last place to go.

Also, according to Dr Samuel Jacobson, Critical Care physician;

Judging from the photos, he is close to terminal. I would say he has six weeks. Only about 4 per cent of patients with any form of pancreatic cancer live longer than five years

Steven Paul Jobs, commonly known as Steve Jobs is a co-founder likewise the Chief Executive Officer of the Apple Incorporated.

He served the Pixar Animation Studios with the position of Chief Executive and in 2006 and then he was lifted to be one of the board members for the Walt Disney Company.

With his positions in the two most recognized company, he was able to be given credits in the film Toy Story in 1995 where he was the executive producer.

Source: Apple CEO Steve Jobs May Have Only Six Weeks to Live